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If you’ve made the decision to end your marriage and mediation isn’t an option, count on experienced contested divorce lawyer Nicholas Adamucci. While you may be able to choose from many divorce lawyers in the Greenwich and Stamford, CT area, you need an experienced attorney you can trust to guide you through this trying time.

Why You Need an Experienced Family Law Attorney for a Divorce Case

During the process of filing for divorce, negotiations will be performed, and decisions will be made. Unless you are an expert negotiator that is familiar with all the technicalities of a divorce, it is best that you hire an experienced family law attorney for the process. Divorce is not as simple as walking away and never looking back. During a marriage, lives are intertwined, finances mixed, and sometimes even children come into existence. All of these things must be legally divided.

Even in the most amiable divorces, it is best that a reliable family law attorney is involved. With the help of a divorce lawyer, you can ensure you get what you legally deserve. Instead of your ex walking away with everything, you have a fighting chance to get your fair share. Hiring a family law attorney can be the difference between a future you love and one you are miserable in. One potential future could result in you being homeless, never having a chance to see your child, and working extra hours to keep up with child support. An alternative future could have you financially stable and spending every weekend with your child.

Please do not make the mistake of going through a divorce without a divorce lawyer at your side. If you are in the Greenwich and Stamford, CT area, our family law attorney is more than happy to help with your case. We will use our years of experience in your favor and do our best to protect your future.

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An experienced family lawyer can help you with child custody and visitation, division of assets and liabilities, and spousal maintenance (alimony). Not only will our trusted attorney handle all of the legal filing and paperwork to ensure that your divorce proceeds as efficiently as possible, but he will also work aggressively to achieve the best results for you and your children. Adamucci, LLC is proud to be a divorce lawyer of choice in the Greenwich and Stamford, CT region.

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