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Family issues are among the most complicated legal issues people can face during their lifetime. Whether you are considering divorce, dealing with child custody, or some other post-divorce matter such as alimony, it is easy to feel alone and overwhelmed. The emotional aspects of your case can quickly cloud the issue, and constructive communication may seem impossible. There are important issues that are often overlooked in amicable divorces that can lead to problems down the road. No matter what family law issue you may be facing, Greenwich family law lawyer Nicholas Adamucci helps his clients protect themselves and their future. Contact our office welcoming clients from Greenwich, Stamford, CT and beyond today to schedule a consultation with our child support and divorce lawyer today.

A Greenwich Family Law Attorney Helping You Navigate the Challenges of Divorce in Connecticut

Divorce is never an easy process, even if the spouses are on amicable terms. When beginning the divorce process, you need to think about your current situation and the months and years to come. Unfortunately, many people focus on only what is in front of them and neglect their future needs and the needs of their children. As a result, their divorce sets the stage for years of conflict instead of providing the closure that they are seeking.

While you are not obligated to hire a lawyer to get divorced, working with an experienced Greenwich and Stamford, CT family law lawyer is an investment towards a better outcome. Together, you can work through the following elements of your divorce:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Division of assets and liabilities
  • Spousal maintenance

Of course, he can handle all of the legal filings and other paperwork to ensure that your divorce proceeds without issue. Mr. Adamucci helps his clients move through the divorce process as quickly and efficiently as possible while serving as a zealous advocate for their interests and children’s future. He always strives to work towards amicable solutions for both spouses but is not afraid to go to court and aggressively litigate your case if other solutions are not feasible.

Considering Mediation in Connecticut? Greenwich Family Law Lawyer Nicholas Adamucci Can Help

Mediation is a process by which the spouses attempt to enter into a divorce agreement through negotiation. The process consists of a series of hearings where you, your spouse, your attorneys, and the mediator work together to arrive at a divorce agreement that is agreeable to both spouses. Mediation can save considerable time, money, and emotional energy for spouses who can work together to reach a constructive outcome. The mediation process is not simple, nor is there any guarantee that you will get the outcome you want.

While the mediator presides over the process, it is essential to note that they do not control the outcome or render a decision in favor of one spouse or the other. And while the mediator will assist in the negotiation process, they will go to great lengths to remain neutral throughout the meditation. An experienced attorney representing clients in divorce mediation can act as an advocate and a negotiator solely dedicated to protecting your interests. In addition, they can handle all of the heavy lifting between hearings, such as gathering the information you need to support your position. In this way, a Greenwich and Stamford, CT family law attorney can be a powerful ally in helping you achieve the best possible outcome in your mediation.

A Greenwich Family Law Attorney Fighting for Your Custody Rights in Connecticut

Child custody is often one of the most challenging aspects of divorce. When handled poorly, it can lead to a great deal of hostility and cause the divorce process to become unnecessarily antagonistic. Whether you are beginning the divorce process and are worried about custody or you are facing a post-divorce custody issue, you need someone on your side who will protect your custody rights and reach a solution that best serves your children’s needs.

Under Connecticut law, the focus is always on what is in the child’s best interests. Generally speaking, this means that the child should have a substantive relationship with both parents. However, there are several factors that should go into determining the appropriate custody arrangement:

  • The child’s own preferences
  • Whether one or both parents can provide a stable home environment for the child
  • The physical and emotional or mental needs of the child
  • Whether the parent is willing to encourage the child to have a relationship with the other parent
  • The child’s ties to the community, including schools and afterschool activities

Custody is one of the most critical issues in your divorce. Protect your child and your rights by working with a compassionate Greenwich and Stamford, CT family law attorney who understands how difficult this can be and how to achieve a fair outcome.

Questions About Alimony? A Greenwich Family Law Lawyer Can Help

Alimony is financial support paid to one spouse by the other during the divorce process or after. While not every divorce results in one spouse financially supporting the other, alimony may be granted upon request in certain cases. Factors that will determine whether alimony is appropriate to include the following:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and health of the spouses
  • Each spouse’s income, occupation, job skills, and general employability
  • Each spouse’s financial needs
  • The division of assets and debts in the divorce
  • Whether one spouse is receiving child support payments

Neither spouse is entitled to alimony by law, and there is no formula by which the amount of alimony will be determined. Instead, the court has discretion as to whether it will be awarded, what amount, and how long it must be paid. A Greenwich and Stamford, CT family law attorney can be a powerful advocate by making a compelling argument as to why alimony should or should not be awarded and what would be a fair amount.

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