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A child custody case determines who gets to parent a child, and a child support case determines if the child’s biological parent is required to pay money to the child’s guardian. Both cases are two of the most important matters that can be negotiated. Who a child ends up living with will affect them for the rest of their life. They deserve to be with a parent or guardian that has the child’s best interest in mind. A child should be protected, loved, and cared for by their parent or guardian. Likewise, a biological parent may be required to pay child support depending on their income and other factors.

While the basic premises behind child support and custody may seem simple, it can be challenging to ensure the best outcome is negotiated. A child custody lawyer or a child support lawyer is essential. If you care about who holds custody over your child, or you are concerned about your finances, be sure to give attorney Nicholas J. Adamucci a call. Adamucci, LLC takes pride in being a trusted, experienced child support and custody lawyer in the Greenwich and Stamford, CT area.

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